The Shark Whisperer (2016)


about the project

Based on Ellen Prager's junior reader novel of the same name, The Shark Whisperer is a seven-page graphic novel illustrating protagonist Tristan Hunt's hero origin story.

On a sunny afternoon in Sarasota, Florida, teenager Tristan Hunt slips and falls into a pool of dangerous sharks during a family visit to an outdoor aquarium. Positive he's shark bait, the dense crowd, aquarium staff, and even Tristan himself are in for a surprise – the sharks treat Tristan more like a friend than their next meal.  Unsure of the details surrounding his fall into the tank, Tristan has to remember if he fell or if he jumped into the tank, and what this might mean for him moving forward.

The Shark Whisperer is published on and was printed in Stingray City, the third and final installment of Dr. Prager's Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians saga (May 2016).

Commissioned by Mighty Media Press.